Job Description

The qualification will provide a comprehensive introduction to the ANSI C language, emphasizing portability and structured design. After completing the course, I will be able to work with all major language elements such as fundamental data types, flow control, string and character manipulation, dynamic memory allocation, standard I/O, macro definition, and the C runtime library etc. As the course is going to give emphasize on the processing of command line arguments and environment variables, it will help me to write flexible, user friendly programs. After completing this course, my experience as an experienced programmer can help Sungard to tackle complex system level problems.   The qualification will help me to identify the key issues in situations, analyses the data, recognizes the root cause of problems and generates successful solutions which are the key issues with which I am working every day in Sungard.

2. In Sungard, some of my major responsibilities are incident management, problem management, problem resolution, troubleshooting application issues in production environment. The software testing course will prepare me to complete my responsibilities successfully. After completing the course, I can provide quality products to the customers by identifying software bugs and provide logical, concise written reports on them and by solving the problem. I will be able to ensure the consistency of quality product to the customers and can meet the needs of the customers in a user friendly manner. The qualification will help me to utilize my analytical and creative skills effectively and I can contribute in the company with satisfied customers and smooth running of the programs.