Job Description

My job title is that of a general teaching assistant.
My duties are to
• work under the guidance of the class teacher, liaising with them regarding my role during each part of each lesson and to prepare appropriately differentiated lesson resources enabling all pupils to learn
• provide support to the class teacher in terms of the management and organisation of the pupils and the classroom.
• assist in the development of each pupil; help monitor their progress, work with small groups or with individual pupils so that they can achieve their targets
• to promote inclusion
• assist in creating a purposeful, orderly and supportive classroom environment
• work with pupils inside and outside the main teaching area to enable them to participate fully in all the activities
• support the teacher in whole class activities

In addition my role involves managing and running several intervention groups for children who are under achieving in reading, writing and numeracy (at various levels). This involves planning, assessing, teaching and reporting back to relevant personnel. Progress against targets are discussed and any concerns are relayed the school SENCo on a weekly basis and to class teachers at half-termly pupil progress meetings. For the groups I teach, I make and maintain my own resources keeping them up to date, varied and appropriate to the level of the pupils learning,

Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
Unit reference A/601/1429

1.2 Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards.
My work role involves many aspects in accordance with our code of practice and the teaching assistant national occupational standards;
• contribute to the planning for each activity for the pupils
• feed back to the teacher if they achieved their target and the outcome
• support the teaching and learning in each curriculum area
• use and support the use of technology...