International Business
Cultural Differences Project
Students will be able to identify differences within the international business environment.
Students will be able to identify differences within international business in terms of culture, language, customs, etc.
Students will research and analyze culture within a specific country.
Students will give a presentation on their research findings.
Students will design a poster with various cultural information pertaining to their country.

Using the Internet and library, you are to research and answer questions on the following pages based upon the country that you chose to research.

The following steps should be completed:
  * Choose a country to research.
  * Design a flag for a country you chose to research (should be in color and as close to the design as the original flag as possible, you CAN NOT print out a color picture of the flag).
  * Research and answer the following questions (which will be used to develop your presentation).
  * Create a PowerPoint Presentation based upon the research you completed.
  * Create a poster with the identified information which will be present to the class.
  * Provide a presentation to the class using PowerPoint (approximately 5 minutes)
      * When presenting, students should greet the class using the language and appropriate business style greeting of the country you are researching.
  * View the attached rubric to receive the best grade possible.

Poster Guidelines:
  * Depiction of Flag
  * Pictures of at least 4 major cities clearly visible and labeled
  * Map of country is provided with countries labeled
  * Pictures and thorough explanations of at least 4 major tourist destinations within country
  * Bulleted list explaining the overall business climate of the country
  * Pictures (logos) and labels (if necessary) of at least 3 companies headquartered within country as well as description of what...