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Learning Deliverable
                                                      Jose Galindez
                                                    1 January 2014
                                          Profa. Irma Alvarado Zayas

Learning Deliverable
  1. In what ways is training delivery important to the overall success of employees? Provide examples of different delivery methods as well as their effect. What training methods are used in your workplace? Are these methods effective? Why or why not? Offer suggestions you think would benefit the training program in your workplace.

Training delivery is crucial in every step in the development of a coherent and fully capable workforce. An employee which is not properly trained can become a liability to the organization due to the fact that he might make mistakes that can easily be addressed or corrected with adequate training, and these mistakes can cost money and time, which in some instances are very closely related. It is also important to train employees to keep the material they know relevant, and keep them competitive in their respective working areas. Some of the different training delivery methods include E-learning, which consists of training the employee via a web-based application or computer based training, and it has many advantages such as allowing employees to learn and advance at their own pace, reducing the costs of training in a managerial stand point, and also staying consistent worldwide providing the same training simultaneously to all employees of the organization. There’s the lecture method which allows a determined trainer to dictate the material to the employees in the way of an oral presentation, and the discussion method which allows a two way conversation between the trainer and the employees. In my workplace a lot of these methods are used, such as the E-learning method, and the discussion method, but the training...