Jfk Assassination

Why is There so much uncertainty Concerning The Assassination of JFK?

The outline of the assassination
Friday the 22nd November, President Kennedy was shot and later died in hospital on the 23rd November after gunshots were fired at his motorcade in Dealey plaza, Dallas. There were many eye witnesses. Shortly after a police officer was shot and killed. A man, Oswald, was arrested in a cinema and accused of murdering the officer and the president. Oswald was shortly shot afterwards.
Movements of Lee Harvey Oswald
On the 24th November approx 2:30-3:30 am Dallas police receive phone calls threatening the life of Lee Harvey Oswald. At approx 11:00 am the Armoured truck in which Lee Harvey Oswald was to transported in arrived at the Dallas Police headquarters. At approx 11:20 Jack Ruby shoots lee Harvey Oswald in the basement area of the Dallas Police Headquarters. At approx 11:28 Oswald was brought in at Parkland Memorial Hospital.   At approx 1:07 pm November 24th Oswald was pronounced dead.
Jack Ruby’s Involvement
Many people think there is an assassination conspiracy just because of Jack Ruby. They accuse him of silencing the accused assassin (Oswald). Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement as he was about to be transported. It looks like Ruby did this deliberately so the people of the USA could never know the truth although we cannot prove anything.
Warren commission weaknesses
In the warren commission there are many weaknesses such as: the wounds, the ability for Oswald to do the shooting, the bullet, the rifle, the witnesses and the zapruder film. The wounds on the president seemed inconsistent with the one bullet that the film suggests killed JFK. In the warren commission they explained this with the magic bullet theory. This is possible but very unlikely. Oswald, according to the warren commission fired 3 aimed shots in 5.6 seconds from the book depository in front of trees. Also Oswald was not a fantastic marksman and he somehow managed to...