Jewelry, Watches and Accessories Retailing in Germany


Jewelry, watches and accessories witnessed a steady growth in 2014 and sales in the product sector are expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.2% over the analysis period.   Specialist retailers accounted for 55.4% of sales in 2014 while sales through online channel is also gaining momentum. Increasing number of consumers are browsing social media websites and online before purchasing luxury products. The competition between specialist store-based retailers and online retailers is expected to intensify over the analysis period as the jewelry, watches, and accessories market becomes more mature and saturated.

Key Findings

• Jewelry, watches and accessories accounts for a small share of the total retail sales in Germany.

• Specialist retailers were the most preferred channel for customers, having accounted for 63% of jewelry, watches and accessories sales in 2014

• Customers are increasingly browsing online and social media to make informed decisions while buying luxury items.

• Sales through online channel stood at 7.6% of the total sales in the sector in 2014 and are expected to reach 13% by 2019.


“Jewelry, Watches and Accessories Retailing in Germany – Market Summary & Forecasts” ” is a detailed sector report providing a comprehensive analysis of the emerging trends, forecasts and opportunities to 2019

What else does this report offer?

• A thorough analysis of consumer trends changing economic and population factors

• Both qualitative and quantitative insights and analysis of the shifting jewelry, watches and accessories retail dynamics from 2009 to 2019

• Sales of jewelry, watches and accessories through the following channels from 2009 to 2019: Clothing, footwear, accessories and luxury goods specialists; department stores; other specialist...