Jet Blue

Jet Blue Airlines
Raghad K. Shakir
Strategic Management – Bus 599
October 2011
Jet Blue Airlines

In order for businesses to succeed they come up with a direction in which it will lead them down a long-term achievement of objectives enabling them to grow and expand. In order to become successful a new business owner must determine what market it should enter and if it will be able to compete with other similar markets. Once the market is decided, such as the airline industry, then the business has to decide how it will perform better than the competition and what differentiation it will bring to the market in order to be assorted from the competition.
JetBlue Airways founder, David Neeleman wanted to start an airline that would combine the low fares of a discount airline carrier with the comforts of a small cozy den in people’s homes. His thinking brought on the evolution that JetBlue Airways would be identified as a customer service first company which would focus on providing customers a unique experience on every flight for each interaction they had with the airline. When a new business is entering this market it has to decide how to compete with the other similar discount airlines, such as Southwest or Air-Tran and make their business stand out differently. Now that the business has chosen the differentiation then it will have to come up with the resources to help build the business such as operating procedures, communication systems, and information technology solutions. By understanding the social, economic, legal factors and Porter’s Five Forces of the market then the business will be able understand the degree of competition among the similar businesses. Finally businesses will need to understand to a degree how this business will profit for the ones invested and the expectations surrounding the environment in and around the business.
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