Jet Blue

Jaclyn Dunlap
Problems at JetBlue
Joy Fluker

Coming from a manager position, the main management issue that I believe contributed to and was the start of this whole problem for JetBlue was the decision management made to not delay or cancel the flights with the coming storms.   In this situation management was delaying the inevitable trying to make sure their flights were completed when it was obvious, from forecast, that they needed to may delay and cancellations.   Management was thinking about their reputation of getting flights out with the least amount of delays but in the end they harmed their reputation by being inconsiderate to the possible risk and the inconveniences that were placed on them.  
There were many technical issues that made JetBlue’s problems worst in this particular situation.   The first technical issue I feel made this situation worst is that customers could only rebook their flights from calling their reservation line whereas with other airlines customers have the option to rebook online.   The next technical issue that added to the chaos was that the Navitaire system, reservation line, was not designed with emergency situations in mind and being able to handle a higher volume of calls if necessary.   JetBlue did not have much of an information system put in place for many different aspects that could have helped make this situation more easing after the initial problem.  
If I was a manager at JetBlue the first thing that I would have done differently would be to be more considerate to our customers safety and would have made delays or cancellations definitely not allowing customers to sit on planes for hours and hours.   As a manager I have made sure that employees were trained in multiple positions in case of emergencies because I believe that being prepared for the worst is a must to be successful in any type of business.   Along with training my employees to have them prepared I would have also had some type of...