Jesus in Literature

      Literature has had many people and figures that have influenced the works throughout history. But the one who stands out to most and the most talked about figure is one that lived 2,000 years ago; Jesus. Jesus was not only the Biblical hero and a great moral teacher, but also represented the ultimate sacrifice you make for the ones you love. Christ showed himself as a Savior and a sacrificial lamb. In literature and society, everyone calls for a savior, something to save them from this cruel world and the burdens it consumes. The ideal of a hero is one who will sacrifice himself for the greater cause of saving others.
          The Bible is basically all about the anticipation of Jesus' coming, His crucifixion, and his second coming. The Bible is probably the most popular book in the world and defines the ideals of a moral society. The Gospel tell of Jesus' time on earth and the sacrifice him will make, scripture says "For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin" (Paul Romans 6:6). They talk about it throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelation; the topic is the coming of a savior. The reason being that this has affected so many writers is that the love he showed when he died for us when he could have fled from his persecution. I think that we can apply sacrifice for our loved ones to all and that's why it’s mentioned in so many books.
      Many poems were created because of what Jesus did. If anything there are probably more poems about him than any other subject. The poem I chose was an old one written back in 1900's. The author describes how great Jesus is and the grace he show: "Jesus, the very thought of thee, With sweetness fills my breast; But sweeter far thy face to see, And in thy presence rest" (Helen 125). This poem and many other poems were listed in this book just about who Jesus is. Not to mention there is a poem that Pontius...