Jesus Gomez Biography

Jesús Gómez Isidro was born on 8 December, 1936 in Zamora, Spain. His father died when he was only one year. Jesús´s mother Gregoria “Goyita” Isidro (1893-15 July 1958) came from a rustic family. My grandfather was one of five children: three brothers and two sisters.
When he was a young child, they had a lot of economic problems. By the age of fourteen, he had left the school; soon after that, he started as a worker in the construction of some buildings in Zamora. Bussines men that looked for hard workers offered better projects every time that they visited him.
During those months, he gave the money that he reached to her mother to manteain the family. His big brother Pepe went to a boarding school near Zamora; so, like he wanted to study too, he made an agreenment with the principal (which was also Mayor of the town) and some officials, to go to there and rebuild some houses during one year, having the chance to get the title in high-school studies.
He got it. With more knowledges he was hired again in Zamora and promoted to official. When it started a very important project in Salamanca, that included 3 neighbourhoods, he moved up there. During the design works he knew his future wife: My grandmother.
In 1958 they marriaged, they had a girl: “Goyi” and in 60´s the moved up to Bilbao, where industry was getting importance. In Bilbao my father (Jesús) and my uncle Óscar, borned. Because of health problems related to the pollution in that city, the family moved up again to Benavente (Zamora) for two years and finally to Valladolid. While they installed here, my grandmother had her last daughter: María Jesús in 1973.
By the time, Jesús was purposed “Departament boss”. This were his last charge until his retirement. In 2000, he finally left Dragados after 35 years in the enterprise. For some years now he has been looking after of his grandson.
In November 2001 he purchased a Villa in Traspinedo. Nowadays he lives there with my grandmother and they often...