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Strong: We can see that Othello is a strong-willed man because even when accused of "charming" Desdemona he is sure of his status with the Duke and willing to go with Brabatino to see the Duke. "Whither will you that I go to answer this charge?" (Act 1, scene 2, line 104). Othello's strength is also shown when he says "Keep up your bright sword..." (Act 1, scene 2, line 76) We can see the power that he has is astounding.

Another example that shows Othello strong and controlling nature is when he takes control of the brawl between Cassio and Montano after Roderigo agitated Cassio. Othelllo says " My blood begins my safer guides to rule..." (Act 2, scene 3, line 219)

When Othello realizes that he has been tricked by Iago, he cannot handle the agony of the knowledge that he killed out of jealousy rather than for justice. His strong character comes out again and he acts as his own judge, jury and sentences himself. He kills him self with a knif and then lies in the bed and dies with dignity.

"I kiss thee ere I killed thee..." (Act 4, scene 2, line 420)

Calm: We see that Othello is calm and level headed even when accused of stealing Desdemona, and Brabantio comes to kill him. Othello tells him to "Keep up your bright sword, for the dew will rust them..." (Act 1, scene 2, line 76)

Othello shows his calm and solider ability of not showing stress when Iago tells him the Desdemona is cheating on him. He just tells Iago to go away, and when Iago is gone is the time that Othello starts contemplating his situation with Desdemona. (Act 3, scene 3)

Trusting: Even though Othello is a solider that has been in many dangerous encounters his is still trusting of people, and trusts Iago. He think Iago is a honest man that he can trust to tell him the truth about Desdemona, but that is one of the mistakes Othello makes that leads to his jealousy.

An example of Othello trusting Iago: " A man he is of honesty and trust..." (Act 1,...