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Surabhi Verma


  * Rising Entertainment is a marketing firm, specializing in film and media marketing.
  * Josh Lewis is a low level marketing associate.
  * Sarah Bennett is Josh Lewis’ superior and acts as the manager.
  * Sam Smithstone is the CEO of Rising Entertainment.
  * Josh is unsatisfied with Sarah Bennett management style. He feels underutilized.
  * Josh dreams of creating documentaries that offered strong social commentary.
  * Sarah Bennett is in charge of putting together a successful showcase for Fire Force Five.
  * Sarah is running on a tight budget after a failed campaign in the past.
  * Sarah Bennett overlooked Josh’s idea for bringing the Triple-F series online.
  * Josh met with Sam Smithstone without Sarah’s permission and pitched his idea to the CEO
  * Sam really liked Josh’s idea and asked him to present his idea at a meeting.

Issues in Rising Entertainment:

  1. Lacking Trust
  2. Time Management
  3. Not authoritative boss

Issue 1:

Lacking Trust
Solution 1: Josh and Sarah Bennett need to have more dialogue and communication.Pro: By opening up to each other, Josh and Sarah can learn to work as a team.Con: This may lead to more “sugar-coating” of ideas. | Solution 2: Sarah Bennett has to stop sugar-coating her true feelings towards Josh’s work ethic.Pro: Josh will get a wake-up call and finally start to act like a team member.Con: Josh will get offended by Sarah’s candidness. | Solution 3: Sarah needs to speak with Sam Smithstone, the CEO, since she thinks he doesn’t even know her name.Pro: Sarah will gain more confidence within herself and will build a better relationship with her boss.Con: Sam Smithstone might not be interested in what she has to say. |

The Solution I think works best for the issue of “lacking trust” is solution number 3. I think Sarah needs a confidence booster and wants to feel like a important member of the company. By connecting with the CEO and letting her...