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To begin with, Twitchell thinks that Kravitz was being stereotypical based in her assignment about African American and Latino markets. He thought Kravitz assigned him these fields because of his status as an African American. Moreover, he believed Kravitz distributed the workload and treated him unfairly because he personally had to work on the company’s special project together with the two strategic objectives at the same time. Since he was “rewarded” more work when working with Kravitz and was assigned a project based on his ethnicity and background, he concluded that Kravitz was racist. As a result, Twitchell became resisted by going against Kravitz’s wish to work on the African American market. Instead, he chose to work on the Latino market in the end.

Second, he assumed Kravitz as a bad listener. He raised the concerns about his incapability to work on the two strategic objectives and the special project at the same time. However, Kravitz did not take it into consideration and tried to avoid the problem. Moreover, she used an erroneous motivation to treat Twitchell. She rewarded him by accomplishing his environmental project and then suddenly altered his subject to her two strategic objectives. Twitchell was so excited about finishing the project with a small reward that he wished to continue working on that. However, Kravitz turned down his intentions by asking him to focus more on her team’s strategic objectives. She even threatened Twitchell by asking him to sign a proposal at the end to force him finish the only one subjective objective on time. Hence, Twitchell became demotivated in this project and did not put any efforts in this strategic objective anymore.

On the other sides, Kravitz assumed Twitchell was a poor performer and a bad team member. He was sneaky when signing up for the San Diego trip to avoid the deadline while serving his own personal purpose while his work is not done. This suspicious trip really annoyed Kravitz because she had...