Jefferson vs Hamlilton

Anh Lam
Professor Stephen Dice
English 1301
February 28, 2016
Jefferson vs. Hamilton
    Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton are recognized as two of the most influential leaders in the American History.   However, they had the totally different point of view in the ways how to shape the nation. According to different authors, these primary differences resulted from the differences on family and education background.
    Hamilton was born on January 1755 in the British-held island of Nevis in the West Indies. Different from Jefferson, Hamilton lived in in unhappy family and saw his parent split out when he was eleven year. Also, with his mother dead in 1786, Hamilton childhood was totally “full hardship and insecure” (Cunningham, 2000, p.4.) As a result, Hamilton could not earn the educational chance as Jefferson did. Jefferson was born April 131743, and Albemarle County in the English colony of Virginia was mentioned as his home town. Growing up in a wealthy family, his father was a rising planter as well as slaveholder and his mother belonged to one of the most influential families in Virginia, Jefferson received the best educational opportunities; for example: he began his studying at the age of five under the private tutor, and then his family sent him to a log school operated by the well-educated Anglican rector.
    This book describes the involvement of both Jefferson and Hamilton in different events of the American Revolution in various stages. In 1774, both Jefferson and Hamilton started their involvement in the American Revolution by publishing their first papers: Summary View of the Rights of British America in September 1774 by Jefferson, and A Full Vindication of the Measures of Congress in December 1774 by Hamilton.
    Right from that time, Jefferson already had the totally opposite point of view of Slavery. According to him, “unenlightened monarchs or wicked legislatures” are the main reason led to the existence of slavery; and hence,...