Courtney Purkey
Dr. Wood
Comm 102
2 February 2014

Courtney Purkey
DR wood
Comm 102
Emotion are a funny thing there sad, happy and in between them to. Emotion are also   something that you can see from someone face where there a smile on there face frown or that look saying you better stay out of the way and not saying anything or I'll chew off your head look. All which are emotion.
This week one of my Emotion as   sad, hurt , and angry. This week was my grandma birthday and I could help but feel as if she would still be here if I didn’t let her go with her kids two years before. There was also a since of hopeless ness that the fact that we think that she was stave to death and   not took care of there was nothing there we could do. To help her in any way. There was also the little bet of me miss her being her with me even though she in better place.
So in this   example   there were sever emotion in this that are very different in some way yet the same in other. I think these emotion are here because there has yet to be a since of closer to there and UN justice done because of what has happened.
An other example would be my thirty-one team we   go through many emotion   most of them are happy one as we go through and celebrate our Business as we   up lift   each other and work on reaching our goals and dream.
Most of   the emotion in this example is a happy one   even   though there are sad one when we go though our life and have down falls.
Every emotion   that we go there has some mean to us that is just how the human body work. If the emotion is sad a normal reaction is to cry or   feel down or depress. Where if the emotion is happy there smiling in a good mood and normal   easy to be around.   Where if there is someone who is angry there are   more opp to be yell and cursing and caring on compared to someone who is happy.
There are so many emotion one goes through in...