Jc Penny

JC Penny currently is in a tough situation with the unsuccessful introduction of new CEO sales and stocks have dropped significantly.   However there has been a new candidate brought into the light to take the company into a higher standing.   Enter Mark Garcia; Garcia plans to take JC Penny into a new realm for the company.   Garcia plans on keeping with the tried and true ways that has make JC Penny a household name, however he also plans to make some changes that will also propel the band into a much more positive position.  
Some questions that would be suitable to ask would include; how will the board members quantify the new CEO’s vision after say one quarter?   Another question would be; what is the board’s expectation for the new CEO to change the customer base?   The hypothesis will be that will some new changes in the vision of JC Penny stock prices and sales would dramatically increase.  
Some tools that would be used to either confirm or deny this hypothesis will include Non-Probability method.   This would allow the view of the board members to be looked at then gauged on how they feel about the CEO.   Another tool will be Purposive Sampling, or sampling that focuses on particular parts of the research population.   This would be helpful in deciding if the new CEO was being successful in the eyes of certain people within JC Penny that have the power to make those decisions.   And finally would be Expert Sampling, or sampling coming from an inside source that would determine whether or not the company was actually starting to become successful.