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Our Bank is an Authorised Agency Bank of RBI handling Government Business for the last 12 years and providing banking services
to various Central Government Ministries/ Departments and other State Governments/ Union Territories. As part of relationshipbased approach for “Government & PSU Segment”, Govt. Business Group under Business Banking Department is responsible for
relationship management with the clients under “Government & PSU Segment” for sourcing Business Banking products viz.
Current Accounts, Cash Management Services, Tax Payments, e-Payments and Customised Collection/ Payment Services as also
co-ordinating for all Corporate Banking/ Other Departments’ products/ services.

The position will have responsibility for maintaining relationships and new client acquisition under Govt. Business. The roles and
responsibilities will involve the following:• Build, manage and strengthen existing relationships in the segment.
• Identify, Acquire and develop business opportunities through new relationships with Central Govt. Ministries/ Departments
and State Governments, Other Government Organizations/ Bodies such as Municipal Authorities, Statutory Bodies, Development
Authorities, Corporations, Boards, etc. towards providing transactional banking services viz. Account Management Services and
Collection/ Payment Services including business as an Authorized Agency Bank of RBI.
• Liaise and provide support to Branches/Circles for various existing businesses as well as for acquiring new clients
• Co-ordinate for implementation of Business Strategies
• Liaise & work with all other business departments of the Bank and thereby ensure maximum customer satisfaction & cross
selling of products.
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