Jaws Coursework

Jaws Coursework
How does Steven Spielberg use film techniques to build suspense and tension for the audience in the film Jaws?
Steven Spielberg’s film Jaws builds suspense and tension for audience by using film techniques. This was done by having the famous shark theme to build up the tension; also he had long, mid and close up shots to certain things. With all of this he terrified millions of people from going into the water and is proven as it got three Oscars.
The music plays a big part in the story as it raises the tension and keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. Steven Spielberg does by having the famous “Da Dum” shark theme which he quickens up to get a dramatic effect. Just like when the cheerful music played on the beach were the whole town are. Suddenly it changes when Jaws comes into the scene goes for Christie. Then the shark kills Christie and there is sudden silence. With this it makes the scene and the movie terrifying
Camera Techniques.
The second attack was made brilliant the by the way Steven used his camera techniques. They are mid shot, long shot and close up. In one accession
Steven it by having a mid shot Alex and his mother. Then has a low angle plus the music when the shark is going for Alex’s legs. After the shark kills Alex shot is changed to a long shot show the horrific scene of the Lillo in a puddle of blood after the shark had killed Alex. This helps build tension and suspense for the audience.

Fake Alerts
Fake alerts play a big factor in the film as it fools us to keep us guessing and on the edge of our seats. In happens in one scene when there is a long shot of the water as chief Brody is waiting for the second attack and in the distance there is a grey object moving in the deep water. Chief Brody sees this and calls a boat out as he is convinced that it is the shark. As he goes out you can the Shark theme. When the boat reaches the object they find out that it is a man wearing a grey swim cap.   As they...