* Due October 30, 2013
  * 2-6 years old
  * Matching game
Have 4 sets of cards; one stack of cards with objects that are seen every day, second stack of cards with colors on them, and the third stack of cards the same as the first stack of cards, and the last stack of cards with the names of the colors.
Fire Truck (red)
Backpack (pink)
Building (brown)
Shoes (yellow)
Bed (purple)
Cell Phone (silver)
Traffic Light (green)
Sweatshirt (blue)
Stop Sign (red)
Crayon (black)
You take the first stack of cards and can pick another stack of cards from the 3 other stacks available. With any of the stacks that you pick you will shuffle both of the stacks together and flip them over face down in the shape of a box. Once that is done the game begins, you flip over two cards and if they match ( picture-picture, Picture-color, or picture-word color, color-word color) then you may keep the two cards, and if they do not match you must flip them back over face down. The one with the most cards when all the cards are picked up is the winner.
How it is educational.
This game is educational because toddlers/kids from the ages 2-6 are starting to take their look on the real world and apply it to their mental actions. This game will help them take object that are seen in the real world practically everyday and match it up with the colors that are shown on the objects. This game is educational because it’s allowing the kids brain to use these objects they see everyday and apply their knowledge of color to them and this game can be modified in many ways so whether you’re playing with 2 year olds or 6 year olds it is helping their mental process become stronger.
Piaget Stage of Preoperational Stage explained
This stage is when a toddler is supposed to be applying their view of the real world to their own mental actions. They aren’t able to see a situation from another’s point of view. They have the tendency to attribute life to inanimate abject...