Janice Miller Unit 1hlth310

Janice Miller
HLTH 310
Instructor: Stacy Benton

        I am researching on a particular aspect of the health care organization, which takes significant steps to ensure effectiveness, trustworthy, expertise   . The outcome of this research is an indication of assuring security, amongst our patient, customer services and the doctors who is providing the services. This organization is to help patient that is having thoughts, or have tried to commit suicide, and was unsuccessful. This research is showing the meaning of what is done and what could exist to one that decides to join us in our healthcare organization, also our value and our belief.
Name of organization:
          LeQuan Gandy Health Care Center
Describe the health care organization for which you are creating a strategic:
          My strategic plan is creating a well organize organization, keeping everything under control, listening to other opinions, having a trustworthy group of worker.
Include details about the population it serves and the services provided:
          LeQuan Gandy Health Care Center is a center that consists in helping patient that feel that their life is not meaningful to live, and they rather end it by killing themselves. Our organization is here to assist them with helping them to figure out what is causing them to have these feeling, and we want to work with them to the point that they will figure out after the talking to the proper service provider such as, Psychiatrists, or Psychologist, and if it mean that they needs medication we also will have a Psychiatric health nurse to provide the meds for them. We provide anything that will help keep them comfortable and in a good frame of mind.
Identify the organization core competencies:
        A core competency is the skills and technologies that would give the organization an important difference and perceive value.
How are core competencies giving the organization an important...