Jane Eyre

Depending on what the interpretation of “feminist” is, many answers can be given. If for instance it means the equality to men, then it is not possible because in the Victorian Age women were in a lower position than men and not treated the same as men. Not only in England but in almost all the countries during that Age all women were supposed to stay under the men’s shelter to cook, clean and offer whatever men wanted from them. They did not even have the right to vote back then, nor were they allowed to be educated in schools or universities. After a feminist named Mary Wollstonecraft wrote “A Vindication of the Rights of Women”, in the eighteenth-century it influenced many people and today things have changed and women now almost have the same rights as men, but not quite.
Jane Eyre can be considered a feminist novel when we see that even though she knows the consequences, nothing stops her from her will and always does what she wants even though it was not possible during that Age. There is nothing that can stop Jane from fulfilling her objectives which is how we notice her strong will and independence, in spite of the Age she is living in. Though she could just settle she prefers choosing the hard way as long as she is able to accomplish what she has in her mind. The Victorian Age could have been a very unfair and discriminative era, but it was not strong enough to beat Jane’s will. Most women in the Victorian Age could only gain power only by getting married to a man in a high social class, but Jane did not.
                During the Victorian Age the parents of the women would most likely set a meeting for each other with a view of marriage and would try to force them to like each other. Nowadays many women get married though they do not really love the man they are married to. They do not need their parents to set up the meetings for them, from the moment they see wealth in a man they would stick to them like leeches. The way of thinking towards...