Jane Austen

Jane Austen; Her Influence on American Authors

      The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is the tragic basis for many love stories. The tale of the two star-crossed lovers inspired Stephanie Meyer to write Twilight. Edward and Bella came from two different worlds, but made it to the end still in love and breathing. Bella read Jane Austen novels to try to unwind and relax. Jane Austen’s novels are not easy to read, but they have inspired authors to write similar situations and sequels of what they want to have happen next. It is necessary to know about Jane Austen’s life to understand her writing. Jane Austen’s life and literature can relate to life in America today. This has influenced many American authors, both male and female, to write stories similar to hers.

      The most important to inspired Jane Austen’s writing was her family life. Her sister was her closest friend. Cassandra Austen was Jane Austen’s only sister. With only two years between them, it is not astonishing the two were best friends. They were inseparable from the day Jane Austen was born. Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775 (Spence 21). She lived with her parents and siblings at the Rectory House, in Steventon, a little village in North-East Hampshire.

      Jane Austen and Cassandra were fortunate enough to have a father who cared about education. Women were not usually given the opportunity to receive an education; only the boys were allowed in schools (Bagnuolo). Sense the family was not wealthy; Cassandra Leigh believed education was the only way to get the two girls married. Jane Austen and Cassandra were homeschooled with their brothers (Bagnuolo). After they finished homeschooling with their brothers, Jane Austen and Cassandra went on to Oxford in Southampton and finally to the Abbey School in Reading (Bloom 9). It was during her time away from home that Jane Austen first began writing. She wrote about the other children using creative poetry (Spence 23). The schoolchildren...