James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey is said to be one of the greatest war photographers in his time. In the film The documentary War Photographer, the film shows what James is all about. The subject matter of Nachtwey's images are of war. He captures the what is happening at the time of the war. Shows the weapons, the soldiers of the war. He photographs the after math of war. Captures how the people are affected how their homes have been destroyed. He travels everywhere around the world to document his photographs.
Nachtwey style is documentary. In his photographs he is was trying to tell a story. There is always a point being made in his photos. The composition in his photos are that they are very well put together. there is always so,ethnic compelling in his work. The subject matter is going to catch the viewers eye then lead it to whatever else is surrounding the subject matter.   uses a film camera to capture his images. He uses mostly black and white film, but at times he has done photos in color. He is prepared for any events that might take place and carries around extra film. It is important   for Nachtwey to get his point across that these images should not be forgotten. the subject matter is being photographed it has meaning and the viewers need to understand that was is happening is not ok.
On of the photographs that spoke out to me was a photo in he took in Bosnia called wounded solider. A black and white photo of a man that we can only imagine that he has been wounded. He is screaming in pain with his mouth stretched open. There are scissors on the table to his right. Also on the table are what appeal to be cloth to wrap wounds in. His composition of this photo makes it very easy for the eye to travel. The eye starts at the man that is scramming then travels across his cheat then along the bottom of the picture to the center of the pole, then to the table with the scissors. He is in a shadow envying a sense of darkness which is what happened to him. The light in this...