Jamaica Constabulary Force Proposal

Jamaica Constabulary Force – Corruption in the Force

To identify the current problems and to provide meaningful solutions to the problems, the group members will conduct a research of the Jamaica Constabulary Force at the stations in Montego Bay. Visits will be made to these stations to collect first person information from individuals from January 24-30, 2011. Group members will also attend meetings with members of the force and questionnaires and interviews will be administered. Additional information will be garnered from secondary sources such as the media and other literature sources. Collected data will be analysed and a formal report which will form part of a proposal will be prepared for the research.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is that arm of the Ministry of National Security that is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, the prevention and detection of crime, the investigation of alleged crimes, the protection of life and property, and the enforcement of all criminal laws as defined by the Jamaican jurisdiction. The JCF also provides general assistance to the public as the case may arise.

In 2010, the Jamaica Constabulary Force handled 397 disciplinary cases among its members. The police statistics also show that 17individuals were convicted on criminal charges while 13 police personnel were retired in the public interest. Fourteen members were demoted and 38 were reprimanded. This is a clear indication that corruption and unprofessionalism is a serious problem among the members of the force.

The proposal seeks to highlight the current situation of corruption within the force, to unearth the main causes of the problem and to suggest meaningful solutions and recommendations to help eliminate and improve the problem.


(January 2010)

I. Cooruption in the Jamaica Constabulary Force

A. Date: January – February 2011

B. Project Proponent(s): Group 2

C. Project Type: Research...