Jack and Jill

1.       The main operational document used by the North Texas independent sports officials and its members is called the Operations Manual.  This document may be found at www.ntiso.com , under the index  section  Rules.
2.       The main vehicle used to communicate with our membership is the NTISO website.  Where on the website is the IMB board (Instant Message Board) located?   Where you find your schedule.
3.       The reputation of our organization is severely tarnished when an official fails to be at their assigned games.  The verification procedure was established to minimize the impact of an official not showing for a game.  This procedure states the game officials must confirm the game assignment three days prior to the game.
4.       If a member is unable to verify their assignment with their partner(s) they must notify the NTISO office two days prior to the game.
5.       Any member who fails to follow the verification puts their own game fee at risk if their partner does not show up  (True)  
6.       The NTISO must be notified prior to starting any game in which an official or scorekeeper fails to be in attendance at game time (True) .
7.       Member may invoice for games worked twice each month.  Select one: (a)  1st & 3rd Friday of each month (b) 15th & 30th of each month (c) 1st & 15th of each month.
8.       Invoices may be submitted by, select two. (a) email  (b) U.S. Mail (c) Fax (d) dropped off
9.       Invoices received after the invoice deadline will be held and processed during the next invoice period unless expedited by the member.    The member will be responsible for the expedite fee of $15.00.
10.    The NTISO has performance standards.  Members who fail to meet these standards may be subject to “non-performance” fines.   Select (1)
          a.        Failure to work an assignment
          b.       Tardy for an assignment
          c.        Failure to be in the approved uniform
          d.       Failure to follow the...