Its Better to Give Than to Receive

It Is Better To Give Than To Receive
                St Francis of Aussi once said, “For it is in giving that we receive”. With this quotation, St Francis of Aussi is defining the fact that when one gives, he/she tends to receive. The receiver is not the only one who gains or receives but the giver, in a better and different way; however, this does not seem to discourage people from thinking that it is only the receiver that gains. Giving is the best way to receive but more often people feel depressed having to give not knowing the benefits. Unfortunately, people already have the mindset that they are losing when they give and this leads to them losing out on other things he/she would have received in a different way. It is better to give than to receive because it is reciprocal, earns one respect and recognition, and helps to fulfill ones religious obligation.
                Firstly, it is better to give than to receive because it is reciprocal. Giving is a reciprocal act, the giver always tend to receive back but not necessarily exactly what he/she gave. So when one gives, he/she does not stand a chance of being a loser but a receiver in a different way. For instance, those who give their money and time to help the poor and needy receive joy knowing that that they are helping save the lives of people ; joy may seem small to receive in return for money or time but it is one thing a lot of people are lacking currently in the world. Another instance is, when someone   assists a friend   in an assignment   or pay a debt, he/she could   one day be assisted by someone else in any area he/she is in need of help.
                Secondly, it is better to give than to receive because it earns one respect. Giving does not necessarily have to be to a friend but charities, foundations, societies, and the poor. When one gives his money and time to help those people in need they are always respected and recognized for their effort   in helping to change the lives of   the poor...