It205 Week 1 Chechpoint

What are the three dimensions to business problems?

The three categories that presents problems that business face are organization, technology, and people.   There are several organizational problems like outdated business processes, unsupported culture and attitudes, political conflict, turbulent business environment, change, complexity of task, and inadequate resources. An example of one of these would be the current business climate in the U.S. Business that could not change with the turbulent business environment have gone out of business.
Technology it self produces issues for business like insufficient or aging hardware, outdated software, inadequate database capacity, insufficient telecommunications capacity, incompatibility of old systems with new technology, and rapid technological change. I face several of these challenges in my current job at this time. Aging hardware and incompatibility with new technology are my two biggest issues right now. The problem is I can't slowly replace the hardware over time so it's a very large expense to upgrade everything at once.
The last problem but possibly the most important is people. The issues with people are the lack of training, difficulties in evaluating performance, legal and regulatory compliance, work environment, lack of employee support and participation, indecisive management, and poor management. I could write an entire book on this issue in business alone. The one I see at work is the poor management. Poor management not only affects the business buy not properly directing employees, but also mishandling employee issues. A poor manager can affect the employee outlook on the company, as well as causing employee support and participation to decline.

What is the difference between IT and information systems?

Information Technologies (IT) consists of the hardware and software in order to achieve its business objectives. This includes hardware items like the PC's, servers, hand held PDA's,...