It Was Me

I can’t believe I’m here at last. All those years of planning and preparing. I said goodbye to everyone and I’ve packed my life into a brown luggage suitcase. My life is about to start in a completely different country. The only problem is that I don’t belong. I’m an outsider. I look different, I talk different and I even act different. I know it’s going to take a while to get used to, but I’m not sure if I can wait that long.

I walk through the streets and try not to make eye contact with the people that are judging me; they whisper and point. I try to understand why, but I just can’t. They are rude and don’t accept others
“I just want to be back at home,” I say to myself over and over again. It doesn’t seem to help.

It seems like hours before I reach the motel. I see the enormous gold and red neon lighting that spells “MOTEL INN”. I start to feel sick just from looking at the hideous sign so I decide to go inside. The interior is old-fashioned; it has a feeling of darkness and the furniture is extremely out-dated. It makes me wonder why I picked to stay in such distasteful accommodation. I see the service desk and I walk over to check in. A lady with short, grey hair is standing behind the desk. She looks up at me and suddenly starts talking. Her words jumble together and it’s impossible to understand anything she is saying. I think to myself,
“Why did I choose to come here, what did I get myself into?”

The bizarre woman gives me the key to my room, but I don’t go there. I can’t imagine what my room will look like after being in the room that I was just in. I decide to go looking around,
“Be a tourist,” I tell myself. “Maybe people won’t stare at you.”
For a while it works, I walk around looking at the beautiful monuments and architecture. I forget about my worries and troubles. I am fully immersed in the history and excitement of this town. Suddenly, I get that feeling I was waiting so long for; that feeling of being accepted and fitting in. I...