It Vulnerabilities

IT Vulnerabilities

This paper will address the problems of fraud, destructive attacks, intellectual property theft and denial of service. These are some of the attacks users face in cyberspace today costing companies billions of dollars. Monitoring network traffic and implementing policy can reduce the effects of these attacks. Training employees and creating a change management group a company can stay current on these attacks. Hackers are using more complex tools and operating outside of our borders so our laws do not apply. Companies have huge budget dedicated to the security of their information and information systems. The FBI has collected data on attacks along with other government agencies to combat these Cyber threats. By securing sensitive data with a layered approach this would create a problem for the hacker. Deploy honeynets in the Demilitarize Zone and placing IDS and IPS strategically in the network. Hire experienced personnel to help with identifying potential risk to the network. New technology and experience personnel can thwart off cyberthreats. Best practice along with security control measures can maintain Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information and information systems.

According to T. Humefor (2012), “A recent warning from the FBI about hackers targeting guests' data when they log into hotel Wi-Fi overseas was a salient reminder to travelers of the risks to data security on the road.”   No matter where you are home or abroad you can be a victim of fraud. Criminals are devising webpages to capture your sensitive data to skillful pop-ups that when clicked can install Trojan viruses to executing scripts that will exploit a vulnerability on your computer for later access. There have been data breaches that have made history based off of the users affected by the data breach which amount to millions. T.J. Maxx data breach went on for several years and customers credit card and social...