It Sucks

Living in the hood was always a challenge. For Tyrone Biggums he has spent most of his life living in the most dangerous cities in America Compton California. Tyrone never wanted to live in Compton but after his father was shot down by LAPD while he was tying his shoes on the side of the street he was had to live with his aunt. Tyrone never liked his aunt Sharkeisha but she was his only family he had left after his mother left him before he was born. Sharkeisha has been taking care of Tyrone since he was 3.

There were only 3 days left of summer vacation for Tyrone. He has had one of the best Summer vacations of his life. This is because he spent the whole summer doing hoodrat things with his friends. Although Tyrone had such a good summer he did not want to go to school. He hated school all of the books, homework, and bullies. Tyrone wasn't very strong and he was the only chinese student at his whole school.

Tyrone later in the evening Tyrone was walking to his aunt Wu’s salon to bring her some more combs. Tyrone had to do this several times a day because homeless men would walk in and eat all of the combs. Tyrone has done this many times before but tonight was different he had a weird feeling like something bad was going to happen. While tyrone was walking he heard a noise coming out of a bush next to him.
“Hey kid you want to make some money?” said the voice.
Tyrone knew hard it was to make money in the hood so he said “Yes Mr. Bush”
“I'm not a bush” said the bush. The bush started to shake and a small man walked out from behind the. The man was dressed in all green and smelled of booze. He had red hair just like Tyrones but was like nothing he ever saw before.
“Are you a midget?” asked tyrone
“We don't like that term lad” replied the man
“Sorry little person” corrected Tyrone
“No are you stupid i'm a leprechaun my name is Patty” said patty
tyrone laughed a little and said “thats a girls name”
“You better shut your damn mouth kid” said patty...