It 240

Disaster Plan
Maurice R Merrell
IT 240 – Intro To LAN Technologies
                                David Lindsey
      Having a disaster recovery plan for 123 Textile Corporation that operates in a high- risk area that is located in a high-crime area in which has frequent earthquakes will better protect the organization's technological assets. The server for this company is currently installed next to a window where it should be an apparent security issue in itself. The company recently experienced a break-in during the last earthquake, which knocked out power to this section of the city. This earthquake and crime resulted in property vandalism and theft of the company server.
      The 123 Textile Corporation backs up their data once a month to an external hard drive. All data that relates to the companies backbone or essential data needs to be backed up once a week between the hours of midnight and 0700 so that it will not affect productivity. [pic]The company's customer service data will be backed up daily at alternating days either even number days or odd number days. There are programs that will allow for updates periodically throughout a day. Throw in that occasional earthquake with the crime committed makes for the 123 Textile Corporations in desperate need of a well-planned disaster recovery plan.
      When addressing a disaster plan, the first step should be is to Perform Risk Assessment: A business impact and risk analysis impact assessment should be conducted by the companies IMO, which includes the scenarios for both natural and man- made disasters, both natural and man- made can be caused by hardware failure, viruses and weather. By conducting an analysis of the aftermath and impact in disaster scenarios, the security of important and crucial data can be implemented. In the case for 123 Textile Corporation it was the stolen server, the new server should be located in a more secure area and located either on the first or second floor due...