It/210 Week 8 Checkpoint 1

Top-Level Objects Communicates With Incoming Messages Outgoing Messages
Microwave Door Control Panel NA Door Open
Control Panel Setting Door, Display Panel, Temperature Setting Open or Close Door Oven On or Off Time, Date, Start, Clear, Power Setting
Oven Control Control Panel Start, Stop, Power Setting Temperature, Oven On or Off
Turn Table Control Panel Start or Stop Turn Table will start spinning or stop

Explain some of the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and communications messages that occur during the operation of a microwave
• Incoming messages are through the user using the GUI on the Display Panel such as pressing the number to set the cook time – the display will show the selected time.
• Door communicates with the GUI by allowing the microwave to work only if the door is closed.
• Oven Control communicates with the Control Panel to set the temperature on high, medium or low depending on what user selects.
• Turn Table communicates with the GUI Control Panel to start or stop turning.

Describe some of the advantages of having a componentized system. For example, what happens if the microwave breaks?
The advantage of have a componentized system is that if one component breaks you are able to buy a replacement part without buy a new microwave.   Example if the turn table breaks you could buy a new turn table but most of the time it is cheaper to buy a new microwave then to replace the electrical components of it.   A good thing is if your microwave breaks you don’t have to replace all the electrical items in your kitchen.