It/205 Week 8

ITAssignment System Evaluation Paper October 26, 2014
Heather Fontaine

New systems & software and dramatically change how a business operates and flows. Within the organization I work for, the owner had to sit down and truly think how this system ConnectWise would benefit us.   You have to weigh the options as well as the financial aspects of things.   Once you weigh the pros and cons of incorporating a new system, you then have to make the decision to make a purchase of the system.   The current system ConnectWise costs (when hosted by your own servers and not theirs) into the hundreds of thousands. You can also get this system cheaper by having them host it and backup your information and pay a monthly fee.   Which is what we were doing however it makes the system run slower and isn’t as efficient (speed wise) than hosting it yourself, but you have to be serious about your organization to be able to spend this kind of money.
Scheduling: ConnectWise runs our company, when I say runs I mean runs our entire organization.   While using this system it maintains our client data base and employees.   We are able to service our clients faster because this system that is put into place handles our scheduling as well.   Our service manager is able to plug in appointments straight into a calendar which shows our entire day with every technician and every appointment. This allows us to plan our day and add additional tickets as calls come in to an individual technician. By having this ticket system in place this keeps our technicians time in place, which of course keeps billing flowing as this is how we bill and keep track of contract and non-contract hours.
Procurement:   Using this system keeps all of our product that we keep on hand available within our system.   When products are ordered (for stock) A purchase order is created, from there we add the product to the ticket which in turn automatically puts it into our stock. Once this product is received (from...