It 205-Week 3

As long as the E-mail system is being used professionally, businesses benefit from it because it can be used to send important messages, such as meetings, announcements, or figures. I mentioned about, as long as it's not being used for personal use, there should be no trouble. That's why most schools and organizations have E-mail addresses specifically for their office. I don't believe instant messaging is beneficial or useful whatsoever. If you are in an office together, simple phone call would suffice. I feel it distracts people from focusing on the task at hand and leaves others being ignored. Again, as long as the internet is only being used for work projects or E-mail it's beneficial. I believe they should, because it lets them know who's being responsible and who is slacking in their work. I don't however feel managers should read E-mails, just read their contacts. If it's anything different than an office E-mail then they will know it was for personal reasons. Emails can benefit or even hurt organization for very obvious reasons. I do not think that, management should not monitor employees’ activities or internet usage not because of invasion of privacy or anything remotely related to that but because it could potentially hinder productivity due to malicious compliance. If management feels as if the employee isn't productive enough and if he/she gives management a reason to monitor then it might be warranted.