Isnt It Obvious Reading Report

Isn’t It Obvious?
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Part 1. Summary of the book
  Paul White was running the Boca Raton branch of Hannah’s Shop, but the store’s profit kept dropped down. When his store’s warehouse suffered from a water leak, Paul asked his friend, Roger, who is also the warehouse manager in the area to help. They came to the plan that Paul will sent one combined list at the end of the day. Paul decided the amount to hold from each SKU is equal to twenty times the daily average sales. By the time, Paul’s wife, Caroline, failed to persuade her father to buy the Leon’s. Four weeks after the accident in the warehouse, the finance people told Paul that his store made it to the first place in the month. But Paul thought it was just the readjustment people in finance make a change to the worth of parts of the company, without buying or selling anything. Caroline discussed the great change happened in Paul’s store, she believed fewer shortages was the driving force behind the increased sales, but Paul hold the idea that it only did a little for the increasing sales. Paul also wondered why did the number of shortage take a nosedive, and all Paul had done was to transfer stock from one place to another. The next day, after checking on the system, Paul realized that more of these items were available in the store accounted for the large increase in sales. And the shipment with specifically the items he was missing were arrived from leftovers and residuals in Roger’s warehouse. With no other cost, the shop came to a 17.4 percentage profitability, not only the first place in the region, but in the whole chain. As Paul said, with his sales increase, profitability should have reached five percent, tops. And the other twelve percent came from adding no overhead expense. Paul then tried to persuade Roger to keep using the deliver method they launched during the accident period, to his surprise, Roger already found out that...