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Standard letter for inviting candidate to interview

Candidate name and address



Dear     ,

Thank you for your recent application for the post of …………………. in the Department of ……………   I am writing to invite you to attend for interview at   on .

The interview will take place in   which is located in . On arrival you should report to …………… I am enclosing a map showing the location of the University in relation to the City of Liverpool.

The interview panel will consist of . The interview will last around .

I would be most grateful if you could telephone …………. on   ……………. to confirm that you are able to attend on .   If you have any requirements in respect of access or facilities, or require location details for visitor parking (pay & display), I should be grateful if you could also let ……….. know.

As part of the University’s compliance with the Asylum and Immigration Act, please bring to the interview an original document, ie your passport (and visa if applicable) and/or your national identity card, indicating your nationality and your right to take up employment in the UK.   This will be copied and verified by a member of the Selection Panel.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


For when there is to be a tour of the Department prior to the interview:
Before your interview there will be the opportunity to visit the department and meet some of the staff there.
For when a presentation is required:
You will be required to make a ……… minute presentation to the panel on the following topic:
An overhead projector, as well as data projection facilities, can be made available for your use should you require it.

For when a practical test is required:
Prior to the interview, you will be required to undertake a   test.

For candidates travelling from outside the Merseyside area:   (For Departmental information - Please ensure that claims are issued and...