Oakdale Memories
By: Carlie Pearson and Emma Axtell

      We’ve come a long way in these nine years at Oakdale; from the kindergarten classes with Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Utley to our eighth grade classes with Mrs. Lashley, Mrs. Hurst, Mrs. Hays, Ms. Roop, and Mr. B. From the twenty-seven kids in the kindergarten classes to the forty kids in the eighth grade, we’ve grown up quite a bit. Well, most of us have. Let’s start from the beginning and see how far we’ve come.

      Kindergarten was the beginning of our Oakdale experience. From snack time to nap time, kindergarten was a blast. You know, all I remember about nap time was Nathan and Justin always “napping” next to each other and going (noises). They pretended their fingers were riding skateboards. We also went to the pumpkin patch and Leonardo’s playhouse in Enid. One of the most memorable times was recess and extra recess. (We don’t get that anymore. Nope.) Once a group of us were playing tag and Mark Barnes was it. He charged at Emma and cracked his head open on a pole. I don’t know how he didn’t see the pole. And for the next couple of weeks, no one would sit next to Mark because they were scared of his stitches.

      First and Second grades were kind of a blur. I guess we were having to much fun. I do remember Lynnie the lion in Mrs. Lynn’s class and Teddy the teddy bear in Mrs. Richey’s class. Yeah, we got to take either Lynnie or Teddy home for a week, depending on what class you were in. Then we had to take pictures and at the end of the week show the class the pictures and give him to someone else. We also had book buddies.

      We learned cursive in second grade, but the main thing I remember was Nathan’s snot trick. He took a graham cracker and let snot drip just barely on his cracker and then sniffed it back up. It was so gross. There was a girls softball team called the Rockettes. Once we found a tarantula and everyone ran screaming.

      Third grade was an adventure in itself. From...