The Muslim faith had many followers in its early years during the eighth century.   This helped the religion spread very quickly.   This is because of the strong Islamic army, loyalty to the religion, and the economic strength of merchants and many trade routes.   These documents explain this vast expansion but there are many biases due to the points of view and the absence of the view of women who are half the population and peasants who are a vast part of the population.  

The Islamic empire expanded greatly in the eighth century.   Part of this expansion was due to the devotion to the religion.   As read in document one the army was driven by an extreme desire to go to heaven.   It was their duty to expand the empire. This caused more and more people to join the Muslim faith.   As seen in document three the Muslims thought it was their duty to Allah to expand the empire.   The Qu’ran says that Allah will bring nothing to those who do not believe in the Islamic faith.   This document could be bias because it is an excerpt from the Qu’ran, which is the holy book of Islam. This is bias because it is geared towards Islam so it will make that religion look the best.   In document four it is said that only men and women who follow Islam will be forgiven and be rewarded.   This could be interpreted to mean that it is their duty to make as many people as possible followers of Islam.   This too could be bias because it is also from the holy book of Islam, the Qu’ran.   The empire expanded because the Muslims did not want to go against the Qu’ran so they always made fair business transactions as seen in document seven.   If they were always truthful about their transactions Allah would reward them.   This made the trading process go much more smoothly.   This could be bias because again it is from the holy book, the Qu’ran.   Also it spread very quickly because it appealed to many other people.   As seen in document five Islam only fought in self defense and was very...