HUM 101

Chapter 8 - ISLAM
Muhammed, the Prophet of Islam, was born in the year 570 in Mecca. His father, Abdullah passed away seven months after marrying Muhammed’s Mother Amina when he was 17 years old. Muhammed spent the first 4 years of his life in the dessert to t he east of Mecca with his wet nurse, as was customary. He was returned to his mother at the age of 5, who passed away shortly thereafter. The next 2 years were spent with his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, who passed away two years later, but not before declaring the guardianship of   Muhammed and the clan of Banu Hashim to his son, Abu Talib. (Ahlul Bayt Aalim Network, 2010)

Muhammed entered the service of a merchant widow named Khadijah in his mid-twenties, engaging with trading caravans to the north. Khadija was impressed by Muhammed’s ability and integrity that she married him as a reward, costing his uncle twelve ounces of gold and twenty camels.
The first of the great events of Islam took place while Muhammed, in his forties now, meditated in a cave on Mount Hira. He was commanded through the Angel Gabriel to declare his Oneness and to deliver a message of peace to humanity.   Muhammed proceeded to launch Islam, in an attempt to change the destiny of mankind forever. Initially, he only shared initial interactions with the Angel Gabriel with his wife and close friends and was later prompted to share his revelations with others. (Islamic History, 2010)
His followers ranged from the poor and slave to the richest men in Mecca, and his revelations are documented in the Qu'ran. After preaching for more than ten years, his supporters met opposition and fearing for their safety, Muhammed sent them to Ethiopia, where they were under the protection of the Christian Ruler. The followers that remained in Mecca were harassed, abused (Islamic History, 2010)and tortured, resulting in seventy of his supporters relocating to Yathrib, which was later renamed to Medina. Muhammed joined them in 622, which...