Why It Could Be Hard To Be A Muslim In Scotland

In 2011, Muslims made up 1.6 of Scotland's population. I am going to be talking about whether it would be easy or hard to be a Muslim living in Scotland.

Ramadan is a festival where Muslims put off eating and drinking during daylight. This could be hard for a Muslim in Scotland because their friends might not be Muslim and might not have any support, or if they are around their friends when they are eating they might feel pressured to. However, this may be easy for them if they are around friends and family who are are also fasting to get support.

Muslims pray 5 times a day. To do so, they use a prayer mat and pray in the direction of Markka. Muslims always wash before they pray. Muslims may find this difficult because if they had a job their boss might not let them pray in the work place or they might not have a place for them to pray peacefully. Although, it could be easy if their boss does let them pray and has a place for them to pray, or it could be easier if they work short hours.

Zakat is when Muslims give 2.5% of their years earnings to charity. This could be hard for them if they are really low on money and when they take away that 2.5% they struggle to get by without it. However , this might work for them if they have a job that pays well or if they don't like to buy a lot with their money.

Shahada is about being faithful to their God, Allah and believing that there is no other God. This belief might be hard for a Muslim to keep because in Scotland there are many different religions, the Muslim could change their mind or even be persuaded into a different religion. Although, this could be easy for the Muslim if they are fully committed to their religion, like they should be.

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