Islam: Tawheed

He tells us how the fact that we believe in one god isn’t the reason that makes ud different from the Kaafirs rather that we worship Him alone.   Most religions believe there is one god but they usually associate it with idols or some other things, only Muslims worship Allah alone. This is the concept of Tawheed-ul Uloohiyah.
Today’s topic is on the blessing of Uloohiyah or the blessings of La illaha illalah and essence of Uloohiya. It is because of La illaha illalah that the world was created, it is because of La illaha illalah that the books were created, it because of La illaha illalah that we are sitting here today. Based on this Kalimah the Muslims were separated, differentiated from the Kaafir, because of this Kalimah the people who   believe in it will be assigned Jannah and the people who disbelieve in it the will be assigned Jahanam.   The prophet (saw) said: “Whoever’s last statement is ‘La illaha illalah’ is ‘Dakhalal Jannah’ (will enter Jannah)”.
The prophet (saw) narrates that Musa (as) said “‘O my Lord, I want you to teach me one sentence I can remember you by and that I can call you with this sentence’ and Allah responded ‘Ya Musa say La illaha illalah’ Musa said ‘O my Lord your whole creation says this and I wanted something special for me’ and Allah responded again ‘Ya Musa say La illaha illalah’ Musa says once again ‘I wanted something special for me your whole creation says La illaha illalah’ And Allah says ‘O Musa, know that if the entire creation   of the heavens and the earth and everything that is in them were placed in one side off the scale and La illaha illalah were placed on the other side of the scale than La illaha illalah would be heavier then the creations ’”
The prophet (saw) said: “A person will be brought on the day of judgment, everyone will be looking at him 99 scrolls will be placed in front of him every scroll will be as long as the eye can see; these are the scrolls of his sins, so Allah will say ‘O my Servant, do you deny...