Is There a Higher Being

I do believe in God or a higher being. My belief in God stems probably for the fact that i grew up in the church, and my parents have installed Christian teachings upon me. Also, the fact that i have been taught in Catholic School for half of my life. Simple events built my belief in God such as, losing something and never finding it, but then praying to God to help me find it and I do. I just think at times even if there wasn't a God i would rather worship and believe there is one just because. I don't know exactly why we are here or for what reason but, through believing in God gives you a better thought for what we are living for. "Evil" things are considered things God wouldn't want you to do. Humans aren't perfect and do make mistakes so if an evil action is committed it shouldn't be taken into vain. You can reconcile your belief in God through prayer and communicating.
      Prior to the lecture and readings on God and Evil, I declared my belief in God based on my on my upbringing as a child and various events throughout my life. The past weeks lecture truly made me reflect and think about God in a different sense. The understanding of the different views and arguments for whether or not God exist, listed in the text were very compelling nevertheless, I maintain my previous belief the God does exist.
      One argument for whether or not God exist is the First Cause Argument. The idea is that everything that exists in the universe must have a cause. A position of the First Cause Argument is that “The Chain of causes cannot reach back indefinitely; at some point we must come to a first cause” (Rachels 23) A chain of causes explain how a television is created, or a watch. A watch is ultimately created by a watch maker.   If this is the case, the cause of the universe will date far back to the Big Bang, which is considered to some the cause of the universe. With this thinking, some may ask “what caused the Big Bang?” The chain of cause and effects then goes...