Is Smacking Children Acceptable?

Good morning, teacher and the fellow students! Today, I am going to talk about the issue “is smacking children acceptable?”
      During the last few months, a case that a mum used a wooden spoon to discipline her nine years old daughter has been reported to the police officer by the school. An issue on whether should we allow parents to discipline their children by using force or not has been risen. From my study of the topic, I found that smacking is not the way to express anger, neither the best way for discipline children, and it is very harmful to the children not just physically but also mentally, smack an adult is a crime, so how about smack a child? Therefore, I strongly believe that smacking children to discipline should not be accepted.
    The first thing that I want to talk about is that smacking children is not the way to express anger, neither a good way to discipline a child. There are so many parents who hit their children, and they say this is a way to discipline their children. No, this is not true; it is just an excuse. Parents, have a think about every time before you smack your child. Were you so furious even before your child had done something bad? Or were you in a bad mood, but just haven’t got a way to express your anger? So you smacked your children. And after you smacked your children, were you regretting about that you shouldn’t express your anger on your children, but then you don’t have the courage to admit your misbehave, so you let discipline be your excuse of smacking your children.   Okay, if this is the case, then stop lying to yourself. If you are really disciplining your children, ‘loving and caring all the way is the most important thing.’ This was said by a mother who aged 69 after she raised 6 children of her own. Or you can use some other better methods, for example, when they did something wrong, you can try to find out what is the problem, and to solve it without violence. Please remember that, children are still little...