Is Rosemary a Good Mother? This Boy's Life - Tobias Wolff

Is Rosemary a good mother to Jack?

The central concern in Tobias Wolff's retrospective memoir, "This Boy's Life" relates to.....
Essentially Rosemary is a good mother, she puts much trust in Jack

Rosemary’s incautious decision to send Jack away with Dwight, a man she did not know well, or even if she wanted to be with him.
‘to get away from a man my mother was afraid of and to get rich on Uranium’ This seems like such an implausible plan. To suddenly get rich with little work suggests a lack of understanding about how success work. Wolff juxtaposes the two goals to suggest that the two have unachievable dreams and to create he impression that the former is just as unlikely as the latter.

‘her dream of transformation’
‘Everything was going to change when my mother went out West.’ Wolff juxtaposes his mother’s ‘dream’ with his naïve idea that simply moving location would fix their problems. This suggests that the dream is nothing more than fantasy.
There is an innocence and naivety to Rosemary and Jack’s plans to ''change their luck''

naive   and overly optimistic This exemplifies Rosmary’s fallacious belief that the Universe will provide for her and that there is innate justice in the world, despite all evidence to the contrary
a good mother in the 1950 was seen as a traditional housewife at home to tender to chcilderns and husbands every need, Rosmary is shown in complete juxtaposition   to this, she can be seen as independenday dominatn and   blalblls,  

dreams of transformation and taciturn self sufficiency.’ P.7 Is exactly what his mother dreams of. whereas a 'good mother' would strive for stability. good mtoher not only in terms of jack but also as a social figure.

still beieves in the american dream

" everybody but my mother saw through me and did not like what they saw''

Through the release of emotions at times of adversity, Wolff reveals the strain and stress Rosemary is under and the damage beneath her optimistic exterior.-...