Is Poverty the Main Cause of Crime?

Is Poverty The Main Cause Of Crime?

This essay will argue that poverty is the main cause of crime. However, that is not to say the other side of the argument does not have any merit. Indeed, there is substantial research and empirical evidence to support both sides of the argument. However, as will be presented in this essay, the evidence is weighted toward poverty being the main causal factor of crime. Arguably, this view is one shared by the majority. On the surface it is easy to see why (media and political focus on this type of crime), although it is a view agreed in this essay, it is certainly not a given fact. The realtionsp between poverty and crime is more complicated than that. Which is something that this essay will also address.

In the study of criminology, there are not many things that are agreed on. Indded, for every heory explaining crime, there is always a counter-argument dismissing the theory. However, one thing that is certain in criminology is that there is a relationship between crime and poverty. Agreeing on how entwined this reationship is another matter. Some criminological theories present poverty as being at the very root of the cause of crime, whereby others see it as one of just many factors. Although the latter is very true, poverty IS the main cause of crime. That is too say, it is the main cause of what most people in society consider crime.

As we know there are many theories in criminology, the majority of these have invariably focused on acquisitive crime. Many of these theories also link crime to poverty. this focus on acquisitive crime however, is seen by some as a smokescreen to stop us looking at the crimes that really matter, the crimes of the powerful. whatever the case, it remains, that when crime is mentioned in the media it will be acquisitive crime they are talking about. unquestionably it seems the majority of the public do too. with New Labour reinforcing this notion, it should explain in part at least why...