Is Parents Pushing Their Kids to Much

‘Good achievements in education guarantee a bright future’ is what is commonly believed by most parents nowadays due to the society’s condition where a highly educated individual is often more successful than one who is less well educated. Based on this ‘belief’, most parents implement extra educational plans for their children from a very young age, hoping that they would excel in every aspect, but most importantly in their studies. The most common approach that parents use hoping to improve the standards of their children is sending them for tuition classes, where the tutors drill students on past year questions again and again, in order for them to be able to recognize the same question and be able to answer the question if they see it in the future.

      However, by ‘loading up’ their children’s schedules with tuition, effectively parents affect their children’s leisure and recreation time. As we know, a healthy mind depends on a healthy body. For many students, tuition classes are too tiring after long hours in school. Sports and recreational activities are almost virtually non-existent since some students already come back late from school after attending extra classes that are provided by the school. Due to tiredness, they are unable to focus on further learning sessions. They lose interest in their studies as they have less leisure time compared to students who don’t attend tuition classes. Consequently, lack of interest cause students to be bored and frustrated with schoolwork, resulting in a possible drop in examination grades and a waste of time and their parents’ money.

      Coming to terms with examination grades, it can be seen that sometimes, it is not the student himself or herself who is worried about his or her grades; it is their parents who worry about it the most. Some Malaysian parents have been seen to be severely obsessed over their children’s examination results. Despite the disadvantages of unhealthy scheduling of too much focus on...