Is Oral Sex Real Sex?

Is Oral Sex Really Sex?
One of the most common myths and misconceptions is that oral sex isn’t really sex. Okay, let’s break this down then. What is sex? Sex is the area of human behavior concerning sexual activity (Webster’s Dictionary). The word sex itself is circled with a lot of different types of sexual activities. Such as: mutual/masturbation, vaginal/anal intercourse, and oral sex.
Alright, the next question is, “What is oral sex?” Oral sex is a sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitals with the mouth, lips and tongue, by kissing, sucking, licking and nibbling. Oral stimulation on the male genitals is called fellatio while oral stimulation on the female genitals is called cunnilingus. According to the National Health and Social Life Survey, the popularity of oral-genital stimulation has increased dramatically since Kinsey’s days (Rathus p. 269). Many adults believe that oral sex is just as or even more intimate than vaginal or anal intercourse. They say that because one or both partners is considered very vulnerable and it involves all of the senses and requires a lot of trust (Gelperin p. 64).
Well, if oral sex is a sexual activity and sex is the area of human behavior concerning sexual activities, then we can conclude that oral sex is sex. But many people, young and old, believe that real sex only involves with penile and vaginal contact. Any other sexual behavior is something “other” and certainly not real sex (Chittenden p. 56).
In a personal interview, I asked my high school friend Fabian, “Do you believe oral sex is real sex?” He replied, “Not at all! It’s pretty common around my neck of the woods. I like it to keep my virginity. The only one true sex is for reproduction.” Like my friend, some adolescents value noncoital sexual activities because they can remain “technical virgins” and still have a sex life (Stahly). “You can’t lose your virginity if you didn’t have real sex (Fabian).” This leads many people to think, “If I only...