Is It Love?

Yes. I do have checkpoints to validate if what I feel is "true love" or not... hahaha I am a thinker, that is my fate.

My 6 Love-Validation Checkpoints:
1. THINK: are you in-love? or in-love with LOVE..
Some people watch too many romantic comedy flicks or read too much romance novels that they become in love with the idea of the love portrayed in such media. So... think. are you in love? or are you just wishing to relive a romance series that you just watched.

2. are you 'in-love' with your IDEA-of-that-person or really in love with the PERSON?
We all have our "types." This is usually the pattern or traits we look for people that makes us attracted to them. Then we have our dreams/fantasies/wishes/hopes that a person with these traits, looks like this, talks like this-- also has these traits... etc. etc. we tend to build up the idea so much that... when we meet someone near to the pattern/silhouette that we've built up in our heads-- regardless if it's true or not... THEN we make the mistake of pasting all our ideals and hopes to someone we think could "fit the part." But then, at the end of the day-- we have to ask: are we really in love with who that person really is? or are we in love with who we've built that person (the idea of that person) in our heads?

3. are you ready with yourself? -- is he?!
Some people are so in rush with love that regardless if he/she is ready or not-- the forcibly rush into it... if it's true love, then the ring/label can wait. if it's something that you immediately want committed because you might lose him/her without the contract/label... then again, you have to think. Love is not like land that you stake immediate claim over other wise you might lose ownership. It should be like a flower you let blossom... a seed you plant, water, take of until it becomes a tree.

4. picture yourself in 5 years or so.. do u see him with you?
Some people are just looking for a quick fix mostly because they already want a...