Is It a Fact of Life That Science and Religion Will Always Come Into Conflict?

It is a fact of life that science and religion will always come into conflict. Is this true?
One of the common debates of the twenty-first century is science versus religion. Science is the systematic way of acquiring knowledge through experiment and observation. Basically, there are three basic philosophy that makes up the core of science, namely, that reality is objective and consistent, humans posses the capacity and capability of explaining reality, and the is a definite answer to all natural phenomena of reality. Religion, on the other hand, includes the narrative, symbolism, beliefs and practices that give the practitioners a certain meaning or faith in life. The never ending debate about this two very broad topic has lead to two extreme sides with one relying only on the reasoning of science and the other completely compelled to their beliefs and faith. The cynics are of the viewpoint that science and religion will always have conflicting viewpoint. I certainly do not share this viewpoint and are of the opinion that science and religion share certain similarities and complement each other at times. Reasoning, history, beliefs and certain concepts of life illustrate the links, similarities and opposing viewpoint between science and religion.
The obvious difference and opposing viewpoints between science and religion is of course their many different beliefs and conflicting notions. The very fundamental opposing viewpoint is the creation of mankind. In the field of biology, the scientist Darwin came up with the Darwinian Theory of Evolution which basically states that evolution is the ever constant growth of species to evolve and change over millions of years. For example, Darwin proposed that human beings were once apes and that we have evolved through millions of years to what we are now. The Darwinian theory of evolution which is widely accepted by scientists around the world does not coincide with the three largest religions in the world- the religions...