Is Fifty Gold in Olympics Possible for India

Fifty golds in Olympics :
Can this be a reality for INDIA? Olympics is one of the oldest known sporting competitions which dates back to   8th century B.C.And now the new edition is being held since 1894 and India is participating in it from 1900.Since then it is struggling to improve its medal profile but continues to lag behind in the list with a total of mere 9 gold medals.Out of 9,eight medals were won by the Indian Hockey Team and one by Abhinav Bhindra in the shooting event.Given this details,one can easily come to a conclusion that India is far behind in achieving a magnificient target of 50 golds. But the truth is: A country which has 125 crore people with substantial youth population is capable of easily securing fifty golds,provided necessary groundwork is done.There is no dearth of sport talents in India. Then why is India lagging behind? The reasons are many and let us see the problems and then think of the way to reverse it to make India shine better in the Olympics.
      Firstly, the government of India should come forward to shoulder the responsibility for improving India‚Äôs rank in Olympics and take all the initiatives required for it.Because,in every other country which has emerged as a champion in the Olympics ,the respective governments have played a crucial role.We can follow the path taken by them.Setting up of a council to explore the ways and means of improving the quality of sports in our country can be one such step.Quality Coaching centres can be set up in all the states and eligible youths should be given free coaching.
            Apart from giving coaching,financial support should be provided to the players.Because we have heard of many stories regarding the struggles and financial problems they have gone through before coming to lime light.And the aspirants from poor background are forced to discontinue their ambition as they might be the sole breadwinners of their family. So Govt should provide the serious players with regular...